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Betting Online Vs Betting Offline

Online betting has surged in popularity in recent years. With more and more people having access to a high speed internet connection and the fact online betting is advertised before, during and after ever big sporting event its not hard to see why people are starting to bet online rather then popping in to their local bookies, even offline bookies are advertising their online services.

The owners of bookmakers absolutely love this new trend, although it gives the punter more opportunity to look elsewhere it means that the companys overhead costs are much less and this means more profit and more value given to the punter. You can often find better odds offered at the bookmakers online site, over the odds offered in the actual bookmaker which is a new trend amongst the bookies.

For punters it's definitely worthwhile turning on your computer, connecting to the internet and checking for the best possible odds, although some more old fashioned sports bettors feel that it takes away from the experience of walking in to the bookies, and whilst I agree that it does for people looking for the best profit its definitely more beneficial to go online as that is where the best sporting odds are found.

Online sportsbooks also reward your loyalty. Although some offline bookies, notably the smaller firms, give loyal punters perks for attending it is rare/unseen to be given free bets whilst offline bookies always offer free bets. The thought behind this is that it will encourage you to bet more, and hopefully lead to a better experience so in turn they gain popularity and increase their profits.

If you are looking to start betting on sports events online you should check out either Ladbrokes or Paddy Power as they both have great reputations in the online gambling community.


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